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Ad account structure & Custom Conversions

Check our go-to ad account structure and learn how to leverage custom conversions to track the performance of individual products in the ad account. 

Prospecting & retargeting audiences & sequential retargeting

Learn what audiences we use for testing and scaling and how to leverage sequential retargeting to maximize conversions.

3rd party pages & Influencers

Learn how to structure 3rd party pages which often can result in lower CPM, higher CTR, and lower CPA.

Additional Resources



After the iOS update, you can’t rely on just one source of truth. Find out what metrics we are looking at on a daily basis for our clients to make proper decisions.


Depending on what we want to achieve, we test in several ways. Check what are our 3 most effective ways of scaling.

Advantage shopping+ & Attribution windows

ASC+ is an amazing new campaign FB introduced a few months ago. Learn how we structure it + combine it with different attribution windows to extract the most out of it.

Thumbnail testing

Learn how choosing a different thumbnail can maximize your chances of finding a winning ad cause thumbnail can either make or break your ad.

Breaking down a winning ad

This ad spent over 2M. Here we are breaking down why it was so successful.

How to manipulate FB algorithm with unconventional ads

Check what are our tips to trick FB algorithm into lowering your CPMs.